July Is Smart Irrigation Month!
You may think your sprinkler is doing its job, but is it actually efficient? The most effective irrigation systems will minimize over-watering, adjust automatically to rainfall, and keep your yard looking green and healthy. Having a smart irrigation system is the first step in becoming Water Smart, Southlake, and now is the perfect time to make sure you have one.
Weekly Watering Advice
Our recommendation this week is for you to apply 0.25 inches of water to your lawn, due to the storms from this weekend. For more information on how to adjust your sprinkler for this, click here. Please remember to only water on your designated days, between 6pm and 10am.

Did You Know...
That you can do a sprinkler catch-can test in your home right now? Gather up several empty cans (like tuna fish cans) and mark the inside of each with quarter-inch markings: 1/4", 1/2", and so on. Then place multiple cans throughout one irrigation station and turn the station on for 15 minutes. Afterwards, write down how much water is in each can. Repeat for each station.

The ideal sprinkler system should have the same amount of water in each cup. If yours doesn't quite match up, you may need an irrigation check-up. Sign up for a free W.I.S.E. Guys evaluation today, and potentially receive a credit of up to $200 on your water bill!

*Offer available only once per residence.
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